Alexa Can Send SMS Text Messages Now – On Android

Android phone owners can now use Amazon Alexa to send SMS messages through Echo devices.  Yes, real text messages.

By using your voice, you can tell Alexa to send a text message to a contact.  By default, if your contact also uses Alexa, the message will go through it.  If not, then Alexa will automatically route your message via SMS text.  If you want to make sure the message goes through SMS (and not through the Alexa messaging system), then you can use a phrase like “Alexa, text [contact name].”

To start using this feature, start by visiting the Alexa app > Conversation tab > Contacts > My Profile.  In this screen, enable Send SMS.

Currently, only Android phones are able to take advantage of this feature.  There’s no timeline established for iOS support as of now but I’d bet Amazon is working feverishly on that if Apple will allow it. Right now, Apple doesn’t allow access to third parties for its Messaging API system.  It’s still a big differentiator for them.